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If you use Facebook (I know many of you may not use that retched site), you can post a message directly to him from his main Facebook page (provided you have an account).

Just saw this when I logged in to his Facebook page " Entire site was moved to new server and restored. If you see any inconsistencies, let me know. Store was rebuild, not restored from back up, so some small things may be missing.
Thank you for your moral support during ordeal! "

I'm really happy to read that he's been able to rebuild his site so quickly ...just as efficient offline, as he is online

I just tried to get into the dazmode forums, here is the page (as it stands at time of this posting):
We are fixing this!

DazMode store was vandalized by hacker attack, while our hosting company was less then helpful with recover process keeping us down for two days.
DazMode has moved to a new home - a dedicated server which allows us to have a full control and significantly higher speed and power for entire website. We planned to move with introduction of new version of the store, but server upgrade was forced with technical problems we got.
Forum will be restored as soon as other parts are completed.
Thank you for understanding and your continuous support!
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