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Default External Hardrive Problem: Freezing, Slow, Not Recognizing

Hey guys, I always come to hardware canucks for help cause you guys are the best!

So here is what happened:

My bro had a laptop hardrive (250 GB) in which he put it in a casing with usb2.0. He formatted it to fat32 and he dumped a lot of his files on there (30 GB). Now since its fat32 I canít even put my HD movies on it, or my backups. I decide to format his drive to NTFS. I copied his 30 GB files to my computer HDD, and then did a "quick format" on the drive (windows 7 quick format). Everything seemed good, I transferred his files back and it went quickly.

I also have another external HDD in which I have all my stuff and it is full so I wanted to transfer all my brothers backed up files (over 100 GB...) to his newly formatted external. My computer did not have enough space to hold the 100+ GB of files so I just connected both hardrives to my computer and transferred directly from usb to usb. The transferring was slow... said 6 hours but then again it was like 130 GB. I let it transfer but then it just stopped. I thought it was done but i check the file size of the folder i sent and it wasn't 130 GB. It was 70 I try to see what files got transferred but when i browse through his folders and files that I just transferred...the hardrive hangs and not responds.

If I go to the old stuff that I transferred in the beginning, (the 30 GB files) then I can access them and view them... jus the stuff i transferred from my other hardrive it freezes and then i have to pull out the hardrive. I tried to delete and retransfer but the retransfer rate is SUPER SLOW, I remember seeing 5 megabytes per second. I just cancelled.

I connected it to my MacBook (I have a ntfs driver) and I transferred a 4 GB file to the hardrive and it went quickly actually! But then I connected it back to my PC to transfer it and the file was being copied very slowly to my pc.

The next day, I connect the Hardrive to my computer and it hangs for a bit then says that i need to format it to use it. I restarted the PC and same thing. BUT, when I connect it to my MacBook, I can read it and see the files in it. It is still slow though.

What is going on with this hardrive? Was it because I did quick format? Maybe it was because I did a direct transfer from hardrives. Maybe one of his files is corrupted or something? What should I do? I canít lose his files either.
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