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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MSwhip View Post
I need to clearly understand a few features and concepts:

1. Are there any particular motherboards that support both AMD and Intel processors?
If so which models?

2. I know that the Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors support Intel Smart Technology by which the Intel processor allows SSD to act as cache to accelerate the speed of HDD/s in same computers.
2.1 Is there any AMD processor offering a comparable feature? If so, what is the name of that feature and which is/are the AMD model/s that offers such a feature?


I am looking into a future build based on Intel's Ivy Bridge (tick + acording to Intel) or the version after that (which apparently will be a "toc(k)" progress.) So I am trying to understand my options.

Things always get better with time. Buy what is current when you build.

Over the option between Intel and AMD processors it has been said that specially in the latest launches of processors, Intel is amply superior to AMD. As I am not finding the facts as to those reasons I am asking for directions to look for them.
I want to compare the efficiency and performance of those 2 brands of processors given my particular uses which can be detailed as: personal use contains NO GAMING whatsoever BUT intensive in Web Surfing (with over 50 web pages opened simultaneously), online chat, emailing, TV and Video streaming and watching over the PC via a HDTV two-tuner card, and business software programs.

At this point in time intel is more efficient and has higher performance than amd.

3. Any good suggestion about who/where clearly explains such a comparison between processors of the same generation with similar features from Intel and AMD for the uses described in the paragraph above?

Thank you for any knowledgeable contributions
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