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There are motherboards that support both processors, but they were last compatible on the same motherboards in 1998 with a Socket 7 motherboard. Since then, no, there are no models that support both processors.

The SSD caching, Smart Response Technology is a feature of the chipset, the motherboard control chip, not the actual processor. AMD doesn't provide a chipset that has the same features but there are software solutions to add this to your system. Although for your list of needs, likely a good SSD is all you would need.

The current Intel processors are very much superior to the AMD ones, in almost every aspect except cost. For your list of needs they would be considered light use. If you are using many programs at the same time you should go for more threads than less (for instance, Intel 4 core with hyperthreading, or a AMD 8 core Bulldozer) and an abundance of RAM, probably 16GB although you likely will never need more than 8 for your listed tasks. That being said, the Intel processors may be very much overkill for what you are looking for, only those that are doing encoding of music/video or may 3d modelling or something would actually use one of there processors to its fullest. A high end AMD may be more than enough for what you need.

You can go here: CPU benchmarks to look at almost every CPU ever produced and how they rank compared to each other. The rankings are pretty general but do fair job of ranking them based on a score of the Passmark benchmark. Your real challenge is going to be deciding at what level all your tasks must exceed in the benchmark. Then taking a chip from the list of acceptable processors (those above the level you decided in the benchmark) and then building your system around it.
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