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My System Specs


If you are looking for guaranteed video card support for Adobe software suites, then I would recommend nVidia video cards. Here are the tech spec's for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Movie editor, DVD editing software | Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Tech specs; now that is not to say that AMD/ATI cards won't work, but in the case of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 specifically, the GPU accelaration is guaranteed for the listed cards.

Also, to keep in mind the fact that any new video cards such as an HD 7770 (or the comming GTX/GTS/GT 6xx cards from nVidia), will have a greater chance of issues simply due to the maturity of the available drivers (for a given card under a given OS) and the fact that professional video cards from nVidia (Quadro) and AMD (FirePro) will do better, but at a price. To consider a decent "mid-range" professional video card such as a Quadro 2000 or a FirePro V5900, be ready to spend ~430 dollars (both a single slot cards with no required auxiliar power). In the end, if one of them is within your budget, go with the pro card (especially if you don't game). Now, there might be a better forum such as the video editing (you came from) one where you can address a choice of given video cards' stability for specific Adobe software, as well as OS - one may run well under Vista but poorly under Win 7.

Additionally, I would recommand reading the actual video card reviews (specifically for the pro cards) since the pro users on Newegg especially, leave some useful feedback on the occasion. And unlike the desktop versions, the pro version have lot less posts to wade through, but many times lot more usefull: - AMD 100-505648 FirePro V5900 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Workstation Video Card
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