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Default Odd Dual GPU Question

I have a HTPC and right now I have am using a GT430 to provide audio and video to my screen and amp. I have a very odd question as I am not sure if it will even work but I am sure someone here knows. I have a 3D TV but my amp uses HDMI 1.3a so in order to use 3D I need an HDMI going to the amp and one going to the TV. I did a quick check and to my surprise I have not found just a HDMI sound card. I know auzentech makes a card that has HDMI out on it but its $200. So my question is could I buy a cheap GPU with HDMI out and send all my audio out that card to my amp and have my GT430 send out video to the 3D TV? Basically have 2 mismatched cards one for audio and one for video, would it work?
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