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Originally Posted by xilocient View Post

About the 3d mark scores, I wouldn't worry about them too much. I think XFX was refering to the "real world" gaming performance where the 5870 and the 6950 are essentially identical, with the 6950 edging slightly ahead.
Well that's their argument for sure. But are you and they saying the 6950 they sent the "actual" same serial number unit that was used in their sited real world testing?? If its not the actual same gpu then I think they should check into this and see why i'm complaining about the unit they sent me and its working so slow on my machine. Maybe its me and maybe there's something wrong with this specific 6950 they sent me. Afterall the unit they sent me is used..right? Maybe its damaged. I don't know. Isn't that possible?

Afterall i didn't run the 3D Mark test until I became suspicious about what I perceived in my own real world gaming that this actual 6950 was performing poorly. And so I performed the test. Doesn't that seem like the logical next step? And the test validated my hypothesis. Even 3D Mark stated in the test results that this specific unit should be at about a score of 19,500( I guess that means other tested 6950 have scored at 19,500(combined cpu/gpu)(my combined cpu/gpu score was over 20,000 with my 5870) but as I said earlier this 6950 is actually testing at only about 14,500. Even more evidence that there's something wrong with the unit.

I never argued with XFX about their claims as to what card performed better/worse etc. That's not my business or objective. My complaint is that this specific card performs much lower than the card they're replacing under warranty. And the warranty..if I understand correctly.. in general states that they'll either fix my 5870 or replace it with something of comparable functionality. And from where I sit they haven't done it yet.

I think they should take back this card and send me another. Or somehow look into it. And they think they should just dismiss my observations and testing . And of course i don't agree with that.
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