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Wink Asus Gtx 550 Ti Heat and smart doctor Help.


My Asus GTX 550 Ti become about 65-80 C when i playing medium and high resolution games.
And it also make a small relly low sound like (try to explain so good as i can in words) "diiiit, diit diiiit, every 5/10 sec.", that was the sound i heard every time the card become warmer then about 75C. So could that be dangers or what? My PSU is from Seasonic with 620Watt and 80+ Bronze Certified, so i don't think it is my PSU.

I would like to know if this is decrease the lifetime of this graphic card?
On the Nvidia website they say it can handle up to 100C, but i have heard about some people there say,
a Graphic Card will have short life timer if it reaches about 80C, but i don't know what i shall think when the
website say it can do up to 100C.

I wondered about why Asus not list the Smart Doctor Utility on their GTX 550 Ti Cards.
I try to find drivers on some of their other Graphic Cards like GTX 560 Ti, GTX 570 etc. and they have all list the smart doctor utility, so is it because the Smart Doctor Utility dosen't work properly on Asus GTX 550 Ti? But the Smart Doctor Utility was on the Driver CD that followed with the Graphic Card, but now on their website.

And i just want to make sure that i can use that smart doctor utility with the GTX 550 Ti.
I have tried the Utility for a while, but it just felt like the utility got the GPU more heat, but anyway it could also just be me there have done something wrong in the utility. But if some of you have tried the Utility on the Card then please tell what you have experienced by using Smart Doctor on Asus GTX 550 Ti.

Thanks for your patience.
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