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My System Specs

Default New loop dual vids. Series or Parallel?

Right well I am about to build a new loop as I'm hoping to add another 6970 into the mix. This will be my 1st time water cooling dual vids and I know very little about the pros and cons. If you click mah rig link in my sig you can see what I currently have setup. I know there are some that would suggest changing vid cards rather than crossfire but the truth is dual 6970's is enough and I don't want to start over with a 600+ vid card and a new waterblock.

Series or parallel?

I plan on adding a 120mm rad for the CPU only (overclock very lightly) and the vids on a triple rad which is already installed.
Pump>120mm rad>CPU>triple rad>vid>pump
Triple rad > Pump > vids > 120mm rad > CPU (thjs might loop up easier.
?? Open to suggestions.

I do plan on overclocking the vids as much as possible too.

I use a crosshair V mobo so I'd like to know which water connections I use between the vids and the best way to do that?
I have a Levasque 6970 with an EK Water block so i'm assuming i'll need to find something the same?

I don't have a budget but I use that lightly of course (there is a limit I can get through the BOSS)

PS: Due to the Cosmos rear plastic bevel it is totally possible to put a 120mm rad on the rear output with the fan on the outside of the case.
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