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All shipping companies suck. Not just Purolator. They are all a bunch of f*ckery. I used to be a delivery driver for UPS. After becoming a customer I now realize why everyone hates you when you are a delivery man. Well, it's a love/hate thing.

Funny thing is I have had a much better experience with Purolator then UPS. I will say once I ordered something from newegg and I paid 25 dollar more for express shipping. Of course, it didn't arrive on time. So I contacted Newegg. They blamed Purolator. I called Purolator. They blamed Newegg. I got my package and it was definitely not shipped by ground, so all in all purolator ripped me off and it never got solved.

Sad to say I still use purolator simply because they are better then UPS for me. I just now know NEVER to pay extra for quicker shipping as it usually results in thievery.
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