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Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
I disagree with the above post, as my 3 year + i7 rig still spanks AMD's latest offerings around.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The AMD offerings are getting spanked by Intel....but joe 6 pack doesnt care. He sees PC A w/ an Intel processor for say 750 and he sees PC B w/ AMD for say 650....the "B" PC while 1 bill over a couple years is nothing it IS an extra 1 bill up front. IE Consumers dont get it that the ROI is higher with the Intel because the AMD is CHEAPER up front. (Converstly both systems could also cost the same BUT the AMD rig comes with "more" stuff to make it more appealing).

TBH, I am glad that this is the case as AMD cpu's right now are less than optimal....and if peeps COULD see the big picture when buying a computer...AMD would be sunk.

* - Oh yes thats why my previous 955 BE & now 1090T actualy outpreformed my buds i7 rig that cost him 2x as much ...

** - AkG, maybe that is why you have so much angst against AMD cause you feel they have "given up". And well like I have said in the past, intel has marketed themselfs to almost a subliminal level "It isnt a pc unless its intel inside" & the e-penile factor of "gotta have a intel cause they oc & are the best!!" ... the sheep WILL keep following the sheppard & continue to buy intel cause of it.

To me amd has done the right thing .... moved there pricing to a point where a consumer WOULD choose there cpu's over a intel even IF it might not "keep up" in some synthetic measurments n such. BUT again like I said MANY times before build 2 box's with no indications of what is in them other then simularly & optimized AMD n Intel parts & MOST peaple will tell ya they dont see a diffrence doing anything/varying tasks on them.

Furthermore, as much as peaple want to call it "Faildozer" its honestly more of a "windozer" cause all this new architechure has now is a window to improve/evolve & you cant say that about what intels had goin on with sandy/ivy bridge. Not to mention, NOW that AMD is fabless .... they can now in theory find fabs to manufacter cpu/gpu/apu's on lower nm's vs what they themselves couldnt do being locked into a partial agreement still with global founderies.
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