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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The AMD offerings are getting spanked by Intel....but joe 6 pack doesnt care. He sees PC A w/ an Intel processor for say 750 and he sees PC B w/ AMD for say 650....the "B" PC while 1 bill over a couple years is nothing it IS an extra 1 bill up front. IE Consumers dont get it that the ROI is higher with the Intel because the AMD is CHEAPER up front. (Converstly both systems could also cost the same BUT the AMD rig comes with "more" stuff to make it more appealing).

TBH, I am glad that this is the case as AMD cpu's right now are less than optimal....and if peeps COULD see the big picture when buying a computer...AMD would be sunk.
Why on earth would you want AMD to sink? I can't even imagine what the price of the Intel top end chips would jump to if AMD were to suddenly fold up. If you look at the big picture having another company like AMD slug it out with Intel is only good news for us. I hope that AMD flogs there dominance of the 'mainstream' market and uses the capital to eventually get their head together and start putting out some better chips. Then we might actually see some value for money from Intel. 'Til then I buy AMD for daily rigs and get the credit card ready for Ivy in my benching/gaming rig.
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