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Thks deinosaur. Abt those links i live in Portugal, Europe so it's a bit harder to find it :P. And i want that power supply (i know it's stupid) mostly for it's look xD, it goes perfectly with my colour scheme ^^. Abt the H100 i rly dont want a radiator that big at first. Not sure abt what i'll do abt that H80 yet, might get a aircooling solution to beggin and than make a costum watercooling. The RAM i'll rly think abt the 1600 Mhz option :D. For the case i'll be getting the NZXT Phantom, white version (going to paint it myself and do some changes). Bond007 abt the 2600k i'm thinking abt getting a i7 3770k now that it's out and i've answered that before. I want to do multitasking and for it to go smoth that's why i want a powerfull CPU
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