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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The AMD offerings are getting spanked by Intel....but joe 6 pack doesnt care. He sees PC A w/ an Intel processor for say 750 and he sees PC B w/ AMD for say 650....the "B" PC while 1 bill over a couple years is nothing it IS an extra 1 bill up front. IE Consumers dont get it that the ROI is higher with the Intel because the AMD is CHEAPER up front. (Converstly both systems could also cost the same BUT the AMD rig comes with "more" stuff to make it more appealing).

TBH, I am glad that this is the case as AMD cpu's right now are less than optimal....and if peeps COULD see the big picture when buying a computer...AMD would be sunk.
I think you are failing to see the big picture, bottomline when people don't have enough money for the $750 computer and they have enough for the $650 they will buy it. I am waiting for AMD ultrathins to come out because for what I want to do they are better than intels offerings in the same price range.

Don't forget intel has cheaper processors too and AMD is beating some of them out. I know if I am picking up a laptop I would take an A8 processor over an i3 because the A8 will have better graphics for the price and I will be able to play games. The AMD will give me more longevity for my money because I don't have money for the $1000 i7 laptop and the a8 > i3 for games.

I could wait and save money for a better laptop but I need one now so I will buy AMD.
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