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Default New build recommendations plz!!

Hey. (I hope this post isn't out of place) I'm looking to build a new system once the new ATI cards are released in a few weeks. I'll need something that will last me the next 4-5 years. I'm still running on an athlon 2500 xp-m, nf7-s and 9800 pro, so I don't get to upgrade very often. I'll need something that will last me the next 4-5 years.I do plan to OC, and the most demanding thing for the system would probably be gaming. My budget is about $1500-2000 CAD, but obviously I'd prefer to spend less if possible. Here goes:

Motherboard: Lt x48-T2R? (need some help here)
CPU: Q6700
CPU Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283
RAM: G.SKILL F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI Pi PC2-8000 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-1000 (cheaper than 4GBPQ kit for some reason and greater availability)
HDD: (1x) WD6400AAKS
PSU: Corsair TX750
Video Card: 4870
Case: Already have
DVD: Already have

People on other forums have suggested the DFI LT over the Dk, but I'm still wondering if the differences are worth the extra ~$40. The reason for the x48 chipset is that I'll likely go with CF depending on the prices of the new ATI cards, and again, this system has to last me a while. I suppose x38 would also be good too. Also, the board doesn't necessarilly have to be DFI, it's just that they seem to be very well regarded.
I chose the Q6700 over the Q6600 since after reading around, the newer Q6600 don't seem to be OCing as far as the older G0 chips. Whether it's worth it or not, I was hoping you guys could help me . The Q9450 is also a possibility, but I'm not sure the extra cost is really worth it. I realize the E8400 would probably be better for gaming, but I'm hoping that getting a quad now will pay off further down the line.

Sorry for the long post . Thanks.
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