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I think the Storm Sniper vs the XM is kind of close although you have to look at all the features 1 has over the other and see what your needs are. I personally would still chose the Sniper just for the cooling aspect for what you get out of the box.

These are the fine points to the Sniper over HAF-XM...
1. $10 less
2. Uses the updated versions of the Megaflow fans exclusively for the Storm called Stormforce which can spin faster at 1000rpm vs 700rpm providing more airflow of 143cfm vs 110cfm.
3. Comes with 3 of those fans out of the box instead of 2
4. Top mounted fan controller
5. Handles for carrying around
6. Adjustable feet

These are the fine points to the HAF-XM over the Sniper...
1. 9 internal HDD bays vs 5 (6 cages, 2 hotswap, 2.5 rear mount)
2. 2 Internal USB 3.0 ports at the front
3. 2 Sata hotswap at the front
4. Side panel latches vs Thumbscrews
5. Extra 200mm mounting at top
6. Top panel is independent from the front port cabling unlike Sniper which has the front port cables attached to the top panel.
7. Sniper does dual 120mm for side, HAF-XM can do Dual 140mm. Both can do 200mm on side.
8. HAF-XM has option to mount internal 120mm at the HDD cage.
9. Larger cpu cutout vs Sniper
10. 2.5" drive mounting behind mobo tray
11. PSU cable cover

It may seem like I'm describing more advantages of the HAF-XM over the Sniper, but in essence I believe the Sniper offers more practical advantages. For instance, the smaller cpu cut out isn't that severe since you don't change out coolers frequently. PSU cable cover is just aesthetics. I don't see myself removing the top panel for any reason. Dual 200mm sounds good, but not necessary. The better 200mm Stormforce fans on the Sniper provide better airflow than Megaflow. The 2 Sata hotswaps are nice, but personally I never swap out my drives so it's no loss to me. The side panel 200mm fan out of the box with the Sniper is good enough for vga cooling as well as the entire mobo instead of limiting you to just 120mm HDD cage fan for what you get out of the box with the XM.

The XM does have its practical benefits over the Sniper if you are the type that uses alot of internal drives. You get 1 more HDD cage at the front. You can mount a 2.5" at the rear, 2 extra 3.5"/2.5" at the hotswap giving you a grand total of 9 internal HDDs vs Snipers 5. HAF-XM has 2 Internal USB3 at front although you can buy a 3.5" USB 3.0 internal connection Asus adapter for $20 to suit the Sniper IF you really need it.

That's my thought
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