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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Dimitry's biggest criticism of this case is the same as my biggest criticism with the 690II:

The power supply dust filter.

It's mounted between the bottom of the case and the power supply itself, so to thoroughly clean it one must remove the power supply. It's really an inexcusable design flaw that should have been corrected years ago. Coolermaster could learn something from Corsair about dust filter design, which is unfortunate, because really cases are what Coolermaster is known for...
You don't actually need to remove the PSU..
I have the 690II and all I do is slide the case over the end of my desk and quick lick with a vacume and it's done...
If your machine is on the floor the just lean the case over.. Not the best situation for an expensive case I know but when needs must find the easiest option.

Which reminds me.. I really need to clean my filters. :D
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