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xilocient I'm new here. I just joined because I was searching on this subject. I too just recently RMA'd a XFX 5870 2gb and they sent me a 6950. It seems a little slow to me. So I ran a 3D Mark evaluation on it and only got a total combined (cpu+gpu) score of 14,218 while getting 20,506 with my remaining 5870. (i had two 5870's in Crossfire)

I've complained about the 6950's poor performance and their only response so far is to link me to the tests done at Anadtech where they compared the 5870 vs the 6950..Since this is my first post..I wasn't permitted to include the link.

I've responded twice now, that no matter what the "original" tests might show as appear at ANADTECH, the problem is that "this particular" 6950 is "slow".

So far I've made no progress. Each time I comment they just take more and more days to respond. Meaning so far they're not concerned.

Have you run a 3D Mark on your 6950? The graphics alone score in my testing was 12,588 for the 6950 and 19,695 for the 5870 in my test. And btw the 3D Mark test results commented that these particular 6950 scores were much lower than they would expect..They, 3D Mark, thought it should be much closer to the 5870 score?

Unless I've somehow installed all this wrong or? whatever and its me..a seems there's something wrong with the specific gpu they sent me.

So far they're not budging haha.

So we'll see.

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