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Originally Posted by devdog51 View Post
Hey HWC, I am the captain from over at EVGA, I needed to ask a couple quick questions. I know you guys ran the website for CC 2011, is it correct that you will not be doing so again? And if that is correct, I was wondering instead of creating a whole new website would I be able use the one you already have created? I just need to know how to do the points updates? IF this is not a possibility I would still ask how you guys did the charts, so I can do it as well.
The admins here at HWC needed something concrete on the format of the CC and points scheme before seeing what they could do. I'll ask the captains if I can forward the proposed formula to the site admins. Last thing I want os for someone to take their time, come up with a stats page, then have it changed. From what I understand, the folks who did last year may not be available.

As far as the site hosting is concerned, it was hosted here at HWC so I don't know what they can do about granting access. I suspect it won't be possible.

I'll respond further in the CC captain's thread.
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