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I haven't been keeping up with cases since buying my haf922, but this case looks like a gigantic step forwards from the 922. Either CM has shelled out a lot of time and money for R&D, or they stole a lot of ideas from competitor cases... but I love the design! As for the PSU filter, I don't know what there is to cry about. If psu's needed filters, they would have built in filters. They obviously don't, so the filter is optionally there for very dirty bedrooms, and I do not intend to locate my $1500 PC in a bedroom. I've been using PSU's without intake filters for years without problems, so I don't understand what there is to cry about?? Just remove the filter and don't use one lol.

My only problem with this is the hotswap sata pcb thing is green. Fuuuuuugly!!! Would it be too much to ask to make it black to match the rest of the case design?
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