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Just for some opinions from some IT professionals. Here is my question. I work for a multi-million dollar manufacturer. We have issues with receiving faxes. Originally we had a single fax machine. (this was years ago) Well we ran into paper jams and disconnects etc.. and when that happened we would lose the fax forever. They changed over to a server based system where the fax lines go to the server and then it gets sent to our Ricoh Mp4001 (which is a fax copy scanner document center all in one) What our problem is something randomly stops the server. And when this happens it stops sending the faxes to our printer. It works fine after IS restarts the server but the problem is no one ever knows when it stops. So an hour or two can go by before someone realizes it stopped. Sales / Customer service do not have access to the server, but we can view all faxes via an e-mail account. Itís a log in over the web and then you can view it as an e-mail. It is a pain in the butt when you are on the phone all day, and toggling from different e-mail accounts during the busy times (thousands of customers and 4 main people to answer all the callsÖ itís the American Philosophy get by with less and make them do more) My question is do you have any ideas on a better way to monitor this? Applications that send warnings when activity stops? Managers have IPhones/androids so I am assuming they could be prompted. Right now my IT department has bigger fish to fry. We just purchased another company and they are integrating systems. So help is minimal at the moment
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