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Ok first off, the beginning of the article seems hilarious when it's just written by itself.

Second off, G4 has always been the cancer that is killing vidya games. Back when there were two seperate entities (TechTV and G4), life was great. TechTV was geared towards a more mature audience, with more focus on technology and the industry at large. G4 was created with the purpose of being "The MTV of the video game community" (Despite no one wanting that except greedy executives).

Comcast didn't like the fact that TechTV was, well, good. So they dropped it from their lineup, and gave preference to G4. A few years later, they buy TechTV outright (having possibly devalued them by refusing to carry them, to make the buyout cheaper and easier). The two are merged into G4TechTV, and then a year later, TechTV is dropped from the name, and every single original show they had was cancelled, with the exception of X-Play.

The channel then took the Spike route of focusing more and more on everything BUT video games and technology. And thus, we have what we now call G4.

I would like to mention though that G4 and G4Canada are two seperate entities, and that G4Canada at least "tries" to focus more on technology nowadays, because the CRTC threatened to not renew their license if they didn't.

Edit: While I dislike how far they've strayed from their source material, I still do occationally enjoy Attack of the Show. Kevin Periera is a pretty knowledgable guy, and can be pretty likable. And ever since Olivia Munn got the boot, the quality has only gone up.
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