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My System Specs

Arrow Random reboot with new build

Hello everyone,

Last night, I build a PC for a friend who does video editing/encoding. Here are the specs:

i7 2700k (at stock speed, stock cooler, automatic voltage and default options set in BIOS)
Asus P8Z68-V LE (latest BIOS version was intalled before installing Windows)
2x8GB DDR3-1600 G-Skill (in two blue memory ports like manual says, set to DDR3-1600, auto timings (which are ok) and to 1.5 v in BIOS)
256GB Crucial M4 SSD (on SATA 6 gbps port 1, latest firmware was installed before installing Windows)
2x3TB Wester digital Green (on SATA 3 gbps port 1 & 2)
LG Blu Ray Writer (SATA 3gbps port 3)
LG DVD Writer (SATA 3gbps port 4)
Asus PCI-E Wireless Adapter (plugged in the closest PCI-E port)
XFX 650W PSU (one of the SATA power cord is used for the DVD/BR drives, the other is used for the 2 HDD and the SSD)
Antec P280 (with additional front panel fan.)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM

After installing Windows, I successfully installed all the latest drivers from the Asus download page for the P8Z68-V LE and the device manager does not have any exclamation marks. Then, the computer did a random reboot while I was in the middle of installing Windows updates. Because I wanted to make sure the system was stable, I ran prime95 (blend) & realtemp. The computer rebooted after about 10 minutes. Idle CPU temp is about 37C and 81C at full load.

I was wondering, is the crash with prime 95 normal since I am using the stock cooler? Note that my friend is going to use CPU intensive apps (i.e. Adobe Premiere and lots of encoding jobs).

What test/app could I do run to make sure that the build is stable?

Is there any software that can give more information on the latest crash?

Thank you for your help!
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