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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ginman522 View Post
Out of my new build, the Corsair 400r really stands out as a tremendous value. If anyone is in the market I highly recommend it, well worth $90 or so. It only comes with 1 case fan, but that's okay by me since I was planning on using Cougar fans with my H70. The case looks great, has excellent grommeting, solid build quality, a carry handle and USB 3.0 in front. Plus it helps keep my OC'd 3820 @4.4Ghz at only 36 degrees C!!! the H70 helps too but I only have the H70 fans bringing in air in, and the 1 case fan blowing out the top. It is well ventilated. All in all it brings a very pro look and functionality. Can't imagine a better case for the price, and I have used many over the years.

Just wanted to share.
Yea man I used this this Tower for my sister's budget build computer. I think for the price it looks very nice and comes with Corsair typical great quality features and design.
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