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Well in terms of water cooling potential without modding, the DD 29 wins hands down. 480 rad in the front and a 360 on the bottom; it is ready out of the box. However, with a mild modding to the TJ-07 you can fit a 240, 480, and 360. (Bottom, bottom, top of case). The other thing to consider is what the cost of shipping will be. 38 pounds and a large box can be rather pricey (DD 29), especially if sent via UPS (Brokerage fees and other BS that could cost you another $100-$200). Also depending on how they ship it, you could also be dinged with GST.

In the end I would try and find a TJ-07 in Canada and go with that. You'll save yourself a ton of change at the end of the day. But that's simply my opinion. Go with what suits your needs the best.
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