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Hate to get into an argument, but Tomba is actually correct: An underpowered amp thats clipping when unable to provide sufficient RMS power to a subwoofer speaker can damage and destroy it. A quick google search will show this to be true, but I've grabbed a couple of examples:

How can an underpowered amp damage speakers??? | - UK Online

Reasons For underpowered amps blowing speakers? -

A more details: Driving the sub to the point where the Amp will clip will create a square wave signal, which is about the same as putting DC current directly to the voice coil of the sub speaker. The amp will survive, but you can easily burn a voice coil. I've seen this happen many times, a friend of my family repairs speakers for a living, he is a professional and his experience is in the decades. His most common repair? Subwoofers from clubs. Why? Many sub speakers running off amps that cannot handle them. Their voice coils burn, then distort and touch the magnet while playing, causing the whole cone to seize in place.

So, just saying that it is Possible - it might not happen, but it's certainly not the ideal way to be running a subwoofer. You can destroy it, given the right circumstances.
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