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Hey Jake_HT,

I just attempted to perform this mod with a different subwoofer, and if you're still around would love to rack your brain. I purchased a Kicker CompVR 07CVR104 and wired it to 8ohms like the Logitech factory sub. After getting it all back into the case and firing up the system the cone is making a rattling noise. I am trying to figure out if this is because of a factory gain setting, lack of cubic space in the box, or a blown sub. The cone only rattles when it is mounted to the box. If I take the subwoofer out and hold it while it plays, the cone does not make any noise. All screws are securely tightened and they are not the cause of the rattle. If I plug the port on the side of the box, the rattle gets much quieter but obviously I want a ported box to get the loudest bass. If you have any ideas, please shoot me a message back. Thanks.
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