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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
It's still a dick move. Lots of people use Linux, and lots of people use Linux AND windows on the same machine and can't be switching hardware. It will also likely end up happening to the Windows side as well not long after (as it did with previous cards when they did this the last time before the win7 launch).

Not everyone can afford to upgrade hardware every 3 years, nor is it truly necessary unless you are living on the technology bleeding edge (literally in the case of your wallet). An HD4870 (let alone 4870x2, 4890 ...) is not even 4 years old, still runs all mainstream apps with excellent performance and even does fairly well in most games. To discontinue support abruptly , and at this time is, imho inappropriate and looks suspiciously more like a move planned to try and force upgrades ratehr than any resources saving by AMD/ATI.

I think they may lose some otherwise loyal customers over this.
It's like I told a guy on NV forums when he was saying the drivers weren't well optimized for his 7 year old game I had never heard of- progamming costs money and companies have to do cost benefit analysis of their labor all the time.

Like I thought, a misunderstanding for 95%+ of their users.

I don't see this as a big deal.
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