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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chuck390 View Post
Thanks alot Paulie for all you advises. Btw is 60gb enough for an OS drive I'd like to still have space to put the game I play the most and thats it. Is it enough?

Indeed the 600T is an amazing looking case but it's kinda pricie. Edit: NVM it is awsome I am getting the white edition!

Needing your help again guys! i5 2500k (SB) or i5 3570K (IB)
I read that Ivy is running hot and doesnt OC very well. But, I'm not planning to OC like crazy, I would oc at stock voltage so what do you think. I read that a 4.5GHz 3570K is equivalent of a 4.8GHz or so 2500K. But what about the temperatures. Or should I wait for ivy to be released and then buy 2500k because the price would drop? Or order everything before april 29th to get free shipping(50$Shipping)(Before release)? I'm confused!
Not sure about what clocks it can reach on stock voltage but heres food for thought. Ivy bridge at 4.8 purportedly runs at 90c on a corsair H100.... whereas sandybridge maxes at 70c i believe (I7 temps btw). So in my opinion again I say sandybridge with a z77 board
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