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Thanks alot Paulie for all you advises. Btw is 60gb enough for an OS drive I'd like to still have space to put the game I play the most and thats it. Is it enough?

Indeed the 600T is an amazing looking case but it's kinda pricie. Edit: NVM it is awsome I am getting the white edition!

Needing your help again guys! i5 2500k (SB) or i5 3570K (IB)
I read that Ivy is running hot and doesnt OC very well. But, I'm not planning to OC like crazy, I would oc at stock voltage so what do you think. I read that a 4.5GHz 3570K is equivalent of a 4.8GHz or so 2500K. But what about the temperatures. Or should I wait for ivy to be released and then buy 2500k because the price would drop? Or order everything before april 29th to get free shipping(50$Shipping)(Before release)? I'm confused!

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