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Default setting up raid

Gentle Canucks:

I have a small business which runs on a database program. At the moment my data storage set up is not really adequate. I simply copy the data files to different machine on the network regularly using syncback.

From what I understand, it would make more sense to mirror the data using a raid system. This is the first thing I want to check.

I am running the database on a regular PC at the moment. Can I simply add a raid card and an second hard drive, set up the associated software controllers and, voila, raid architecture in place .... or,

Would it be more reasonable to purchase designated raid server? ... or, have I got the bull by the udder, and need to do something else all together?

The kind of data on my network is almost always text or PDF. Ocassionally it is Jpeg, or small avi or mpeg.

As always, your help appreciated.

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