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My System Specs


Hmmm interesting stuff. The mapping of drives sounds good. Honestly I didn't even know you could make a server on a windows 7 machine. I been using Windows Server 2008 at school on VMware and know how to work with that and how to setup an Active Directory / add users / map drives etc. It's also good to know I don't need any expensive equipment.

No I am not going to use RAID cards or nothing like that. Probably just 2-3 Hard drives to start, around 2 or 3 TB each and look into RAID and how it works because I don't know much of that either but I would like to learn. The hard drives will probably be the most expensive part. I was going to use my old computer for my server considering I will be fully upgrading by the end of the summer to a Z77/Ivy setup, but now that I have read these comments I think that be a waste considering my current computer is a X58 EVGA 3 way Classified with 6GB of Dominator GT ram and a 920 D0 quad core. Quite a waste of potential gaming components if that's the case.

Also, I am thinking I will use Cat5 Cables for the connections but what exactly would give the server internal connectivity? A router ? I was told a "small gigabit switch" in the comments but I didn't know a switch alone could connect everything. and yea I'll make sure the motherboard is gigabit along with the router/switch or w/e I need.

I also need to make sure I can connect using a wireless connection so I figure I will need some kind of wireless device that will connect to the server.
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