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Well you'll want to use Gigabit Ethernet in your network for optimal speed. Probably a good idea to get a small Gigabit switch to connect everything together using Cat5e or even better Cat6.

For your server, if its just files and videos served internally, nothing too big required. I often use nice AMD bundles that are on sale, low end quad cores are even overkill. Just get a good amount of RAM, have 4GB in both my servers, never had a problem. Make sure your motherboard supports Gigabit Ethernet and check how many SATA ports are available to see how much storage you'll be able to throw in there.

I have a Win2008R2 server and a Linux server and I prefer by far my Linux one, I find it a lot more flexible and easier to set up the way I want. It hosts all my videos and tv shows for the house.

For the wireless tv, you will need some for of small media player to decode everything for your tv. This small media player could be wireless, but if you can get a wire there easily, avoid the headaches and enjoy the high performace.
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