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Default Building my 1st Server - Need Advice!

Hello, So I have taken interest into building a server for home/personal use to back up and store my files for ease of access when I need them. I was hoping you guys could tell me the basics of what I will need, both software and hardware wise. I am familiar with Windows Server 2008 and how to set it up, because I learned this in school. However, I have no idea how the physical connections work and when I was told that internal network speeds are not based on my ISP, and that they are insanely faster ... I got very excited.

My goal is to pretty much access any file/files I need from 2 Different computers in my home. I have Rogers Extreme Plus so I usenet quite a lot, and have a lot of files that I hate to delete considering they can range from 10 to 20gb in size (I pay for this considering I am capping the 50 dollars over limit bandwidth charges almost every month) .. so I don't like deleting my .mkv files and such when "ripping movies from original blu ray sources that I own, for back up purposes!"

Anyways, I was wondering what some possibilities might be, and if my ISP router will interfere with my internal network at all, oh and a big question of mine is .... would it be possible to join the internal network through wireless (so I can stream movies on my smart TV from the actual server) . . that would be so convenient! I know wireless speeds aren't going to be near as fast as wired speeds but if I can watch movies off my server with a wireless connection with no choppiness etc then I will probably do this.

I am a total nub at this stuff so I just want a basic understanding of what I will need. This is my first time doing this but I know with some help that I'll figure it out. I been building computers for 10 years and know how to setup a regular network to get internet connectivity but have never messed with servers, so I'll have some knowledge and understanding of what I am getting myself into based on responses. (so yes I'll know what a router is etc.)

Once I set it all up I'll probably have more questions, but for now ... just the basic physical configuration and what I should consider to avoid conflicts. I really appreciate any advice, I am pretty excited about getting this going!
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