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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
Whats you're opinions of the Achieva 10e? You seem to be quite the monitor connoisseur so maybe you can help give a more in depth review of these panels.
Sorry jibz, I've been busy house hunting with the wife and haven't had much time for the fun stuff.

My impression of the Achieva is positive in general.


1) Excellent brightness and color uniformity. Apparently these are A- panels (versus A panels sold to Dell and Apple) but the uniformity is top-notch, and better than my Samsung S27A850D which cost twice as much and is also good.

2) Zero input lag, or barely any

3) Decent response time though it appears there isn't any RTC/acceleration/overdrive

4) No LED flicker.

5) Huge back-light range from stupid bright to very dark

6) Pretty good brightness and black levels over-all

Here's the explanation about 4) LED flicker. Hopefully it's not too long.

LED back-light monitors can have flicker issues. With both LED and CCFL based screens, PWM is used to lower brightness below 100%.

This usually means that the back-light is quickly toggled on-off to achieve a lower brightness than 100%. With CCFL this wasn't usually a big deal because the fluorescent back-light took some time to turn off meaning there was very little flicker. With LEDs being much faster to respond than CCFL, at certain brightness levels flicker can result because of the speed that they are turned on and off. For some people it is a pain to deal with because it's usually worst with white or bright backgrounds and can cause eyestrain. With the Achieva and presumably the Catleap, Crossover or any other screen with this panel, this won't be an issue. It seems like the PWM is properly adjusted and there's not irritating flicker.

In their case the PWM cycle is likely faster than many other LED back-lit monitors (like the Dell U2412M or BenQ XL2420T for example) and there's no issue.


1) Mine had one stuck pixel at the top about an inch from the bezel

2) The bezel at the top "sagged" hiding a few pixels in the middle. I removed it and fixed it fairly easily

3) Stand is ok, but no height adjustment

4) Buttons on the back. Five or six buttons but only three work: Power, Brightness + and Brightness -

5) DVI port is indented and a bit of a pain to reach.

For the $405.00 I paid for it, I'm very happy. I was also fortunate I received a good working unit as did you. Shipping a monitor back and forth from Korea is painful.

But at least I didn't have to pay the Ontario ECO-Tax AGAIN lol.

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