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Default This is how to treat customers right

Once again I have seen the folks at do more than needed to please the customer.

If people are not aware you could recently pre-order Botanicula at gog for $8.99. This was all fine and then on day one of release people found that Botanicula was available in the Humble Botanicula Debut, which means you could pay as little as $1 for it. That version also had more extras included than the gog version. Needless to say some people were not to happy about that. So gog talked to the game developers and got them to give some more goodies for the people who got it at gog.

But gog was not done, extra goodies are nice but what they have also done scores some major points in my book. So if you got the game before their announcement of this at 12:00GMT April 20th, then you get for free, Machinarium and you also get a copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Directors Cut.

So all because some people could have paid a little bit less for the game than what was paid during pre-order, gog is giving away extra goodies and two free games.

Take note, publishers, developers, online stores, etc, this is how you treat customers if you want them to become repeat customers.
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