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My System Specs


I actually bought that the 13.3" version. Got it from Staples for less than $500, what a steal that was!

From what I understand the throttling issue is actually a design flaw and not a problem of some units being throttled. The i3 throttles itself at a certain temperature and the heatsink design for this unit was causing that temperature to be reached really easily. I personally haven't experienced the throttling but I also don't game on it for long periods of time. (It's being used as my HTPC right now).

Now I haven't read as much about the 15 incher as the heatsink would have more room to breath I would think.

Here's a MASSIVE (375 pages) discussion about fixes for the throttling and also how to add pennies to add to the heat sinkability.
Acer TimelineX 3830/4830/5830 T/G

That being said if the 15 incher is similar to my 13 incher I can recommend it. They're tight little units.
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