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Default Problem with the Corsair SP2200

I'll put this in point form so you guys can maybe help me identify the problem.

- Plugged them in, high pitch "beep" sound coming out speakers when turned on.

- It's a constant " long beep" that goes non stop unless speakers get turned off.

- I made sure the physical connections were plugged in tight and correctly.

- Tried them on 2 different computers, on 2 different sound cards and on 2 different on board devices.

- Did a bit of research, from what I have gathered it could be some "grounding" problem with the sub woofer so I tried to move it around etc. and had no luck.

- Tried an ipod as well and had the same problem.

- The long beep sound occurs even when volume is at 0% .. it seems to depend on weather or not the speakers are turned on.

This is pretty much everything I have observed. I got these speakers for 39.99 on sale which is a really good deal considering they are 99.99 regular price, so if I can fix them I would rather keep them. I sent in an RMA request to corsair but thought maybe I could get some suggestions here on the forums. Any information will be appreciated.
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