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My System Specs


I must say I am completely new to folding. I started by downloading the v7 client and I'd say its as easy as point and clic. Very intuitive. I do run win 7 64 bit and have found that leaving the monitor on 24/7 stops the gpu clients from reporting failures. I am running 2 pc's. Both are on Asus boards, 1 is a i7 2700 and the other i7 3820. The 3820 also has 2 gpu's. 1 is a gts 450 the other a gtx 560 ti SC. On the 2700 there is only one gpu, a gtx 560 ti 448 UC. Both machines report a 24/7 PPD of about 23k to 30k depending on units received. Happy folding!!
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