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I had this issue with both Antec cases I tried out.
Check if one of the leads of the power switch is shorted to the rest of the case. You don't see any problems when the motherboard is outside the case, because the motherboard is not grounded to the case when you do that.

This is a lot easier to check if you have a multimeter with continuity tester (the test that beeps when you connect the leads of the multimeter together). This kind of short is usually one of the metal leads (on the SWITCH side) touching the metal of the case. See if there's exposed metal around the power switch where the wires attach to it, and if so, you can tape off the exposed metal (or get them to fix it).

Edit: My guess is your short is causing this kind of circuit:

Motherboard -> Power switch lead -> Exposed metal that should have been taped or heatshrunk -> Computer case -> Metal standoff -> (back to the motherboard)
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