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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
That is a good looking reservoir. How much does it actually aid in cooling?
That I will be test as soon as i get my new digital manometer just need to find one again I droped mine the other day...

V1 did a very good job cooling but dont take this as the final cooling results
i will be testing soon as i can once manimeter is here i want the right

I know with my D-tek v2 and thermochill rad that i can reach temps on ide
up to 25C and below reason being is that with this res the inner fins acts like a a cooling agent isolating the heat coming in, then once the heat has been isolated
it goes back into the system so you are getting 2 types of cooling one from rad second from res, unlike many other res's to date this is the first thatt i have seen on the market... and it is not as big as most people think.

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