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Alright so I actually went down to my local NCIX store and brought along my motherboard with the ram/cpu/heatsink and my power supply. We put it all together with the motherboard on a small cardboard box outside the case with my power supply running everything. The power switch worked fine as they said, I tried it out multiple times checking to see if it'll shut off by itself and it was actually working no problem. Since the cases power switch was fine, and my motherboard was working properly. I can't think of any other reason as to why this could be happening.

When the motherboard is outside everything's running correctly but once everything is in the case, the power switch just gets screwed up. They suggested that I check to see if my standoffs were installed correctly or if their loose, but that was one of the first things I did before I went there. I reseated everything, I took my motherboard out and reinstalled everything. In fact today I reinstalled everything again and made absolutely sure that there we're no loose standoffs or anything and my computer still wont boot up for more than 2 seconds when using the power switch. I did notice though while I was testing the pins by shorting them with the screwdriver that my computer would boot up just fine, but when I shorted the pins again to shut it off, the computer would shut down and then power on again after 2 seconds. So yeah, I don't know what else to do... any ideas guys? I'm thinking of just returning the case and just paying the 15% stocking fee, or just getting them to fix it for me. :(

Like I said before, the only solution I've found was using the reset switch instead of the power switch to turn my computer on. That works 100%.
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