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My System Specs


First: Thats a great system

Second: Apart from folding the i7 and 680 are totally wasted but do give you a lot of head-room for the future. (I think a 580 beats a 680 on folding though.. though not sure, any folders in the know around?)
32 GB ram is way overkill, I wouldn't suggest more than 8 GB unless you video edit, encode, run VM's etc but I'm not sure of the effects of ram on a folding rig.

If you think you'll ever consider going SLI then up the PSU, if you don't (like me you'll just buy a new GPU when you need more oomph) then the one you have is solid and should be fine for moderate OC's.

I think if your willing to drop the spec's a bit then a really nice monitor would be a good investment, my suggestions would be the dell 24" ips? (1920x1200) or even the samsung 27" pls monitor (2560 x 1440) that was reviewed here a few months back.
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