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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Worth now? You'd be lucky to get someone to pay you $100 for it. That is crazy fast and tight ram and it was very specially binned when you bought it. I don't think anyone saw DDR3 prices coming down to the levels they are at now as well. Either way, unless you are up for a big loss, no sense in selling. I can remember many years ago buying some team Extreme DDR2-6400 2X1GB for nearly $400 new so that is the price you pay when you want the bleeding edge of performance.
I still have 4x1gb of that in box! I was lucky and got it when Ncix was clearing out inventory for $150 for 2gb because they couldn't sell it at $400.

Problem was it used D9 chips and they liked to implode and cause it to fail.
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