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Default Shutdown UPS by command line

Hi all,

I want to know about UPSes from American Power Conversion

I have a Smart-UPS RT 6000 XL connected with a Linux Server by network cable and a Network Management Card 2 AP9631.
I have too a Smart-UPS 3000 XL connected with another Linux Server by 940-0127E FCI cable (USB).

My whole system is based in Linux OS (Fedora).

My problem is: I want to know how I can, by command line (by terminal, shell), shutdown these two UPSes.
I've tried PowerChute, but PC Server and Console Edition run just in Windows, right?

By the way, i'd want a command that I could turn on the UPSes, after they be shutted down, just pressing the power button(by physical way).

Thank you all!!
(Sorry about my english, its very defective)

(I want to do this for protection's issues)
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