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Default Odd Windows 7 installation

I recently re-installed Windows 7 on my computer since the last installation I screwed around with IIS alot as well as permissions on alot of folders on my OS SSD Drive. I also had alot of extra crap slowing down the drive as I was not careful while installing new software.

I have 3 HDDs, one 80GB SSD for my OS, 1TB SATA 3 WD drive, and a 2TB SATA 2 WD Drive.
I also might want to mention that I updated my BIOS recently because I added new memory and the new bios for my MOBO allowed for more memory configurations. I have a Rampage III formula.

So on my reinstall I used my SSD for Windows and everything went fine. I didn't really notice anything was wrong until I left a removable device in my USB port and since I had a new BIOS I hadn't changed the boot order so my computer was trying to boot from the USB stick. So naturally I changed the order to SSD, then Optical drive and disabled booting from removable devices.

I then powered on my PC and my computer said it couldn't find the boot records or something like that. A little bit more investigation revealed that my Windows OS was in fact on my SSD but a the part needed for initial booting had been placed onto a system reserved partition on my 1TB WD drive. If i changed my boot order to boot from the 1TB drive then the windows start up went smoothly.

1. Does anyone know what I did to cause windows to put a boot partition on a different drive then the windows installation?

2. Does anyone know how to fix this without reinstall? or is a reinstall my only option to fix this stupid issue.

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