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Default Dark Souls for PC

Ok, I'm just going to start out by saying I know next to nothing about this game or it's predecessor as they were console exclusives. The things I do know are that:

1) its coming to the PC.
2) Its most likely going to have Games for Windows as its DRM
3) When you play it you should expect to die a lot (seriously this is all I know about its gameplay).
4) Its going to be a strait port so I'm not touching it

I think its great that fans of the game got enough support to get it to come to the pc and all the racing about it got my attention. BUT I still wont be touching it. I could get over the Games for Windows shite (seriously 10+ dollars just to change my .... name) but the fact that they are putting 0 effort into the ui and controls and the fact that they just want us to use a controller.... Not good enough and I will not be playing a half assed port even if it is the game form of Jesus. (which is really blasphemous and I apologize to anyone I offend with that statement)

So anyone else disappointed that even after all that this is staying a console game?

my source
Dark Souls PC: Prepare To Sigh | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Oh, and the Diablo III beta may be opening up to the public. Or they just made a mistake, either way servers are down so no idea if it actually works, installed fine though.

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