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Just got my PC back, with the new ram, formated PC, reinstalled all the drivers,
installed MW2, started playing campaign, got to the shooting range (1st pre mission), was running
the course and BAM! Shut off!

My morale is down like never before!

At the store, they said they ran CPU/GPU/RAM tests with no problems, as well as
MW2, i came back from the store and played MW2 and it didn't shut off.

Also I noticed that after installing MSI Afterburner the shut offs slowed down.
Perhaps it's the drivers?! Im on my way to get battlefield 3 , to try that out
and see what happens. My brother played MW2 with no problems at all and he
has the same motherboard as me but with a different weaker GPU/CPU.


Also does anyone know perhaps my directx needs to get updated? Or maybe perhaps
i need older versions of directx 9 10 to be able to have no problems?
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