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Default Price check: Thinkpad X220

Hey everyone,

A few months ago, I left my trusty Thinkpad X220 on a flight. I called the airline to report it later that night, but they told me they couldn't guarantee it would be found. After waiting a few days with no news, I sprung for a replacement. I simply can't afford to be stranded without a laptop.

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected call from the airline saying that they had found my laptop, and were shipping it back to me. Now, slightly more then a month after buying a replacement, I am stuck with 2 computers. I am wondering if there is a market for used but recent thinkpads, and if you guys could give me a ballpark price you think is fair.

Specs are:
Thinkpad X220
Core i5-2520
320GB -5400rpm HDD
Fingerprint reader
9-cell battery in great condition
Warranty through June 15th (You can extend it through Lenovo, prices are pretty reasonable)
Brand new matte IPS screen
Windows 7 professional
Intel N-1000 wireless

There was a blemish on the screen, so I took it to a Lenovo partner for service. It just came back with a brand new screen. Still has the clear protective plastic over it.

I payed about ~$1300 after taxes. The same machines on the Thinkpad Canada site is currently priced at $1120.

I was thinking of asking ~$800. Does this seem reasonable?

Thanks guys,
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