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Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
I think you mean XMS3 not ZMS3 as ZMS3 does not exist.

XMS3 is not ont the QVL for your mobo. It is the cause (in my mind). I have seen this problem 2 times this year alone in friends' rigs.

Go to asus' site and print out the QVL before you go shopping for memory, or check it out first at home.

Make sure you call the PC store and tell them the memory is incompatible and do not listen to them try and counter it. Compatible memory = memory on the QVL. All other memory has a significant risk to be buggy, with weird problems like those you are having. Uncompatible memory = not on QVL.

Thanks alot for your time! The pc store just ordered some ram off the listed ones for my motherboard.
They ran cpu/gpu/ram tests, as well as mw2 and they did not get the pc to shut off once.

It may be the solution. I will pick it up in a couple hours and get back to the thread with the outcome!
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